Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Well...  Hello there!
I know I've been neglecting this blog for such a long time now but I have good reason.
It's because I have been extremely busy making costumes for not one but two local musical theatre groups..

On my last post here I put up some pictures of the costumes that ! made for a local youth theatre production of The Sound of Music.
The costumes were a great hit and I had some wonderful feedback about my work.
From that as it transpired I was asked if I would like to contribute to one of the local schools then upcoming production of "Alice in Wonderland" which was being staged in December of last year.
Following the feedback i received from Sound of Music I immediately put my hand up to help out.

It turned out to be a lot more involvement than I first anticipated and as they saw the quality of my work and level of creativity in bringing the characters to life the work load increased exponentially.

Anyway despite the work load I thoroughly enjoyed the opportunity. I ended up being interviewed for an article in the local newspaper regarding my involvement with designing and making the costumes.

I was a bit gob smacked to see my mug appearing from the pages in the local paper!

Anyway over the next few weeks I'll endeavour to post some pics of the costumes that I made for the show. Here is a shot from the Programme which shows some of my work...

Most of these are my work...  but I can't claim all of them.
I'll put up some pics of the ones that I can claim during their production in following posts.

Since the success of the show at the end of last year and the accolades and recognition that I received for my work I have been asked to make costumes for  the same company that did 
The Sound of Music last year

So at the moment I'm working on about 150 separate costumes for the support characters in the up coming production of....
"The Wizard of Oz"
By the Bendigo Youth Theatre "Nexus"

It is due to be staged in August and I've been working on pre-production since January.
So as you might have gathered things are a little busy in the sewing room!

But please stay tuned for a retrospective look at some of the costumes form "Alice" and current progress on costumes for "OZ"

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