Thursday, December 16, 2010

Steve's Scarf Pattern.

Some Quick and Easy Scarves

You can see another larger version of this pattern Here . That I have made for "Scarf Pal" Amanda as a participant in the "International Scarf Exchange 9" for 2010, which has been great fun.

Steve’s Scarf Pattern

This pattern came out of my head, I have done my best to put it down on paper and have posted it here.
It takes a little concentration to get started as you build up to the number of stitches that you require for the width of the scarf. A narrower scarf, like the one above, is worked with 31 stitches cast on. The broarder the scarf you want, the more stitches you build through the casting on process. Given this, the pattern will work with any odd number of stitches the width is not fixed so you can go from necktie to pashmina wrap size.

I have never written down a knitting pattern so if there are any glitches let me know and I will attempt to correct them. 

The pattern will also adjust to any yarn size by adjusting the needle size accordingly. I am, as you may have gathered a bit of an experimenter and so tend to go with the flow and tend not to get too bogged down in exact replicas of others work.

So here goes..

In the example above I have used a 100g ball of 8ply 100% Acrylic yarn and 7 mm needles.
 As an example I have worked up to 55 stitches with casting on, but you can decrease or increase this number  to suit your own project so long as you end up with an odd number of stitches on your needle forming the triangle...

To begin...
Cast on 3 stitches, turn
K 3, turn
Increase 1 in first stitch, K1, Inc 1 in last stitch, turn
K 5, turn
K1, inc 1 in 2nd stitch, K1, inc 1 in 2nd last stitch, K1 turn
K row of 7 stitches, turn
K1, inc in next stitch, K to 2nd last stitch from end of row. Inc 1, K1, turn
K row of 9 stitches, turn

Continue working * K1, inc 1 stitch in second stitch, K to second last stitch, Inc 1 stitch, K1, turn
Knit 1 row, turn*

Repeat from *to* until there are 55 stitches on the needle.

You should now have a large triangle below the needle.

To create the corner:

**K 1, Inc 1 in next stitch, K to end of row (56 st), turn
K 1, Knit 2 together, K to end of row, (55 st), turn**

Hint: Remember, you are increasing by one stitch in at the beginning of one row then decreasing by one stitch at the beginning of the next row this way the number of stitches remains the same as you work the length of the scarf

Repeat from * to * until desired length is reached.

To finish :

K1, K2 together, K to end of row, (54 st), Turn
K1, K2 together, K to 3rd last stitch, K 2 together, K 1 (52 st), turn
K1, K2 together, K to end of row (51 st), turn
K1, K2 together, K to 3rd last stitch, K 2 together, K 1 (49st), turn
K1, K2 together, K to end of row (48 st) turn
***K1, K2 together, K to 3rd last stitch, K 2 together, K 1 (46st), turn
K1, K2 together, K to end of row (45 st). turn***

Continue working from*** to*** until 7 stitches remain on the needle
Turn work
K1, K2 together, K1, K2 together, K1, (5st), turn
K2 together, K1, K2 together, (3 st) turn
Cast off remaining stitches. Sew in loose ends.

Hopefully you will now have something resembling a scarf... Good luck!

Magpie Tale #45

She holds the child... protecting
Surrounding candles lit... reflecting
Earnest prayers their words... inflecting
Of sins... rejecting

Saturday, December 11, 2010

Magpie Tale #44

Lovingly crafted from rough hewn wood
Saw, plane and sandpaper, Gee Dad was good
Hours he spent in honing this craft
Knowing each of his children and how we would laugh.

Sitting atop to await being towed..
by Dad, all rugged up.. along icy road.
Finally locating the hard frozen pond
Then building memories for years and beyond

With a big push from Dad  off we would go
Flying over the pond, surrounded by snow
With the wind in our hair and the ice rushing past
Holding on for grim death.. this ride could be our last.

With Dad keeping watch, making sure we were fine
The blades cutting crisply clean ice in dual line
But the craft would soon slow and then pause to a halt
And we three would all beg for another assault

"Go faster this time Dad"  for we are not scared
 "Hold on tight then" he'd cry.. as if we'd not dared 
With another great push we'd soon be in full flight
skating over the ice almost way out of sight

 And again to a gentle stop soon we would come.
Looking round spotting Dad and then spying Mum
 Watching Mum pour the thermos, we'd all shout with glee 
Hot chocolate! For "me" and for "me" and for "me"  

Sunday, December 5, 2010

A new handbag...

This is the latest handbag I've been making

It is in a shiny grey fabric that changes tone with the light

It is all fully lined with a contrasting satin print

And a pocket section... The handles have been lengthened so that the bag will sit snugly between the hip and elbow.

It has a magnetic clasp with a little extra "Bling" in black on the tab.

It is to be a gift for a friend of my Mum's  who is having a birthday...
She is a lady that has a lot of silver and black in her wardrobe so I think that  this sold be a very fitting addition...

I  hope she likes it

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Magpie Tale #26


Watering me garden's meditation for the soul,
Standing quietly sprinkling water, well it makes it makes a man feel whole
To wach the little seedlings, all burgeoning with life
Helps to rid the dramas of the day, and a welcome break from wife  

I tend to sense the gratitude, as water trickles down
Giving tired roots a soaking 'neath a heated sun kissed ground
 My reward is in their blooming, every single one.
Lifting heads in pride, to show off colours in the sun.

Though my can is old and rusted, it still holds it's water well
Though the paints all chipped and peeling off,  look close, and you can tell
Family offered me a new one, for a gift a good while back
I scratched me head and thought a bit, and then I answered back

"What would be the point of that? Old can and me's just fine
We've grown together over years, best mates at watering time
Why the youngsters we have grown together, germinated all from seed
Seems a shame to break tradition, No. A new one I'll not need"

 In the evenings you will find me down the backyard till it's late
 Meditating in me garden with me trusty watering mate.
And when our watering days are over, well here's the funny thing
I'll put me mate back in the garden shed, at least until next Spring.

Magpie Tale #27

The Plumbers Lament

"Hand me that there wrench boy" said the plumber on his knees..
'And hurry up about it... what you waitin' for... a please"

"In my day you'd anticipate... or the boss would cuff  your ear"
Young blokes these days just arn't keen ya know... I must be gettin on in years

Oh they're right to stand round textin' to there filly or their mates
But when it comes to learnin' trade... they're busy standing round in wait

Yet they all line up on payday... real quick holdin out their hand
Can't remember much of weekend.."Got too drunk"...Well aint it grand 

Well  I do feel like a mother with a spoon held in me hand
 Feedin' babes me pearls of wisdom... but they just don't understand.

And as for gettin dirty on the job well heven knows..
 I laughs them running round in panic when there's crap all on their clothes.

And half ain't got the stomach for the job... or so it seems.."
"Wantin' water pipes and taps... or... lofty airconditioned dreams"

I hate to think the outcome when called to clear a blocked up loo"
"I can see 'em now.."Call a Plumber mate" 'cos I don't know what to do"

Magpie Tale #43

It Begins...

Cold chills stone with lowering degrees
Ice creeps silently into mortar making it her glassy home
Snow settles inconsiderately on unsuspecting roof. Interloping and burdensome.
Wind blusters southward in her seasonal dispatch, happy to serve cold
Steps disappear shivering under layers of hardening white nuisance
Winter settles smugly, surveying her frosted realm