Monday, January 3, 2011

Magpie #46

Take off your gloves now and rest them right here
I'm so glad that that's over, at least for a year
Surviving that lot, well it is quite a feat.
I'll go put the kettle on, you take a seat

Now I don't want to sound like I'm chewing your ear
But I really am glad, that it's all over Dear.
I know they're your family, But, all in all,
As I've said all along, they're not my type at all

Old Aunty Mabel, sits there holding court
Oh the look on her face, at your "Shock Her" retort
When she asked you "Now David. How are things at work?"
You so quick to respond with, "My Boss is a jerk"

The twins. They have grown. Sadly, not up, but out
And when doesn't rude cousin William not shout?
I don't blame him though,  Putting up with those two..
Well...  and married to her... I'd be shouting too...

The dinner was nice,  though, the turkey was tough...
Such a shame that Maud's pudding, was not quite enough
Your Mother was crafty this year don't you think?
Having all of the men washing up at the sink.

While the rest of us sat there, and watched the kids play
I thought to myself , "David take me away"
And sitting and scheming of ways to depart
A feeling of dread settled here, near my heart

For tomorrow it's my turn, I'd almost forgotten,
Family gatherings with us go from dreadful to rotten,
Thank goodness it's only for one day a year
Think I'll skip on the cuppa, and get us a beer...


  1. Charming, beyond charming. Funny and I suspect what many people feel this time of the year. Happy, Happy!!

  2. put the kettle on,

    love the imagery, beautiful and insightful magpie.

  3. hahahaha...i think i have been at a few of those family gathering and it is nice to come to the end of them. nice magpie.

  4. What a delightful take on family life! And one with which we can all identify, too! Enjoy the beer when you get to it - you probably deserve one!