Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Magpie Tale # 47

Daddy please don't leave us. Is it something that we've done?
We have heared you shouting often, during arguments with Mum.
We"ll try hard to stop the calling out, "Damn kids" we've heard you say
And stop fighting with each other, if it means that you will stay

Mummy says we're being silly and that it's really not our fault
You and she, she says, have grown apart, that's why you want to bolt.
Is it true that you don't love us any more down in your heart?
Cos we still love you Daddy, and that's the silly part.

That you want to go and leave us now "to find yourself" we've heard
  But you found Mum and you have us, that's why we find it quite absurd
That you'd want to walk away from this and leave us on our own
After all Dad it's just another bill, for the silly phone.


  1. You share the bewilderment of young ones well here, the thoughts of 'what did I do wrong?' The pleading hearts looking for worlds not to change too much, though the current situation holds so much fighting. Well done.

  2. This poem really touched me. Excellent descriptions of the situation. Painful and beautiful at the same time. Loved it. ~Kristie

  3. I think this is a great link to the prompt - it does look like two kiddies clinging onto an adult.

  4. Oh how sad, yet contemporary as I imagine debt is one of the biggest causes of marital breakdown these days.

    I agree with the comment madamebutterfly made too.

  5. so sad...but beautifully portrayed!

  6. Conflict? How strange, I saw only harmonious tension!

  7. You bring the whole sorry situation to life so well!

  8. Touching poem...wonderfully written

  9. Wow I lived that at the age of nine.

  10. Kids really can get to the heart of things..too true, the way they take the blame for our got it!!

  11. this was so heartbreaking, I really had a hard time getting through it. Very touching.

  12. This reached out and grabbed my heart. Brings back memories of my own childhood.

  13. Dear Reflections
    Family conflicts can be difficult for kids to negotiate..

    Dear Just Me
    Thank you Kristie. Thank you for dropping by.

  14. Ear Madamebutterfly
    That was the first impression that I had and the rest just flowed from there...

  15. Hello Eliza
    And welcome...
    Thank you for your feedback.

    Hello Mama Zen

    Welcome and thankyou...

  16. Hello Andreas
    Welcome and thank you... although it was not my intent to break anyones heart...:)

    Hello Chrissy
    Welcome and thank you. Can I get uyou a cuppa?

  17. Hello Jinsky
    From initial tension I took a further extension to family conflict and kids caught in the middle
    Isn't it wonderful to have such diverse interpretations from the one prompt!

    Hello Rinkly Rimes
    Thank you. But this situation is not foreign to many, and these days seem all to frequent.

  18. Hello Uma
    Welcome to you and thank you for your comments they are appreciated

    Hello Kristen
    Many have... Personally I have not... but have observed family breakdowns in many around me.
    It is always hard for the children to get a grip on Adult behaviour I think.

    Hi Lyn
    There always seems to be some element of "It must be my fault" from kids in this situation. Event though their parents are often acting like Kids!

  19. Hello Rene
    We are all moved in differing ways by what we write. Sometimes unintentionally it cuts close to the bone for those that have the spirit to read us, dispite the powerful emotions that a piece might cause to bubble to the surface. Kudos to you in you perseverence. I thank you for your honesty.....

    Hi Tess
    Happy New year and thankyou for providing such wonderful imagery as prompts. And thank you too for your openness in response.

  20. So sad, so touching and so true...

    Here is my magpie:
    a wheel barrow

  21. A lovely, touching piece of writing, Steve. As with many, it reminded me of my own childhood.

  22. Poignant! You have evoked such feelings for me. Suffer the little it hurts to think of all the babies who, through no fault of their own, are made to feel responsible for the shortcomings of their parents. BRAVO! WELL DONE!

  23. you captured that very painful time so well.

  24. heartfelt words,

    kids' words are powerful, innocent, and cute.
    elegant take.
    Happy Wednesday.

  25. Wow what a take from a child's very sad...and innocence again scarred...bkm

  26. ahh, from the mouths of babes....I'm still not sure wha the photo prompt is, but your poem tugs reality....and wonder

  27. Woww... the elders' reactions to "silly matters" makes such a huge impact on little kids... you have put this across so very well, Steve! Kudos..

    Your poem seems to describe the picture so perfectly!

  28. Said well. Hope the kids know dad loves them.