Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Daisy Daisy....

Come and Meet Daisy...

Oh Hello there...
I see that your back for another visit or perhaps it's your first visit?
Well Welcome any way... 
I am a self taught Quilter and do not profess to be an expert in the field so my terminology may not be quite right in some of my descriptions... Nor do I think a lot about the method that I used to create an object but if you ask me how I did something... I will attempt to do my best to expalin it for you...
Well...  come on in and I'll put the kettle on...

This project is one of my UFO's ( Un Finished Objects)
but is also becoming like an old friend in it's continuing creation.
"Daisy" has become my "in between quilts quilt". The one I return to after a fast and furious affair with a new project or...
 The one I snuggle up to and that is there for me in the down times when the creative bug has taken temporary leave.
 Working on "Daisy" affords me the time and opportunity to just chill out, relax, mull things over and imagine potential new projects in my mind that are yet to take physical form. While at the same time with every stitch, getting closer to  Daisy's ultimate completion.

Daisy is a combination of hand stitched applique and machine stitching

Each of the 24 cream coloured blocks consists of an eight petaled flower. Each flower being a different colour.
Each flower is made up of a central circular piece surrounded by eight individual petals which are all varied light, mid and dark toned and patterned fabric of the same base colour

It is a great way to use up scraps from other projects and all those fat 1/4's in your stash.
Each of the flower petals and flower centre were lined with an iron-on backing and basted then placed in position on the cream cloured block and hand stitched into place.

The sashings were cut from yellow cotton and a cream based floral print cut for the joining squares. This same print was also used for the binding.

The sashes were machine sewn to join the large cream squares together.
The quilt was then "stitched in the ditch" following the seam lines to create the geometic shapes
Thhe binding was then machine sewn into place and then hand stitched into position on the reverse side
I am now in the process of hand quilting each of the centres and petals of the flowers on the large creme blocks.

Not having hand quilted very much in the past
I discovered that on the back of the quilt the stitching looked quite messy...
So to camouflage this... I developed a stitch pattern that I call a "Swirling Starburst"

Which I am again hand stitching...and making sure that the stitches don't go through the full thickness of the quilt...

I have again used a bright backing fabric which shows the stitch pattern of the geometric machine stitching of the quilt top as well as the "swirling starbutrsts"
Again making it reversible should I grow tired of the Daisies

So there's Daisy
A work in progress...And a dear Friend...

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  1. I ADORE this Quilt--the colors, the daisies, it's gorgeous.