Thursday, October 14, 2010

A Green Log Cabin...

Hello again...

I'll put the kettle on...

Log cabin blocks are great to work with and provide such an endless array of combinations once they are constructed and put together.

I have made many quilts using the basic block pattern the last few years and this Green one is one of my first efforts.

I tend to use it mostly as a table cloth when I visit local craft groups to display my works or at local artisan craft expo's and display weekends I do sell some of my works and am looking at building this hobby into a small business that ai can run from home. I don't do the shows very often but When I do I enjoy getting out and meeting other crafty folk and fellow quilters. It tendsto be a bit of a novelty with me being a guy!

Again I love the process of designing the finished piece and the hunting down of the individual fabrics that I want to use.
First by going through my stash, and then going off to do the rounds of local fabric shops to find just the right tone and print  for each combination.

The major colour choice for this piece was, as you can see... green

The tonal ratios are quite contrasting between light and dark tones in this quilt which when creating the finished pattern allowed for starker, bolder pettern definition.
Other Quilts that I have made since making this one are less stark with more subtle changes between the light and dark tones. But I really like the impact that this design has..

And there is always the quirky temptation for me too add just a hint of a contrasting or compimentary colour to the design.


  1. LOVE the quilts I see here already! With all the crafts I have taken up, I never got the bug for quilting. Yours are amazing, so I will live vicariously through yours!

  2. Hello Lisa
    Nice of you to stop by...
    I'm glad that you like my work and I am just happy to display my quilts for other peoples enjoyment.

    I see that you are a knitter... I find Knitting a very relaxing pastime. Happy Clacking!

    And please feel free to visit again

  3. Steve, I adore this green quilt! You have a keen eye for mixing patterns.

  4. Hello Hayward,
    Welcome to Stitch'n Steve's...
    Have we met before? Your hellipad looks familiar...:-)
    Thank you, and I'm very appreciative of your comment.
    I have been told that I have a good eye for colour. I tend not to be consciously aware or horribly focussed on the colour combinations that I work with It tends to be an intuitive thing for me. I don't plan a lot and tend to just go with the moment when I'm in creative mode.
    Thank you again and please don't hesitate to call again.

  5. log cabin is my very favorite pattern-so versatile! This is lovely.