Thursday, October 7, 2010

I See Aliens....

Do You?

I did not design the pattern for this quilt.
My mother decided that she would like to make it as a special gift for her youngest grandson at the time (since then grandchild #16 has arrived and that was a boy making him the youngest now) after finding the pattern in a magazine. My mother, never having made a quilt before decided...You guessed it... that Uncle Steve could help her and it could become a joint project.

We had a lot of fun deciding on the colour scheme and going through the fabric stash.
The pattern intended for the finished piece to be hung as a wall hanging but, on seeing the finished quilt "Grandchild #15" decided that it was going to be his "New Blanky From Nanny"...

I cut out the pattern pieces for the quilt and applique pieces, fixing them into position and sewing the quilt top pieces together.

 Mum completed all the hand stitching around the applique pieces using blanket stitch and sewed on all the embellishments. I completed the quilt by fixing the batting and backing  and hand stitching the binding.

Mum had a lot of fun in deciding where each of the embellishments should be placed.
 She raided her button jar for the old shiny buttons that she imagined could be distant stars and planets and galaxies and searched the local haberdashery stores for star buttons of various sizes, shapes and colours and some wobbly eyes.

A closer image of the finished quilt..

A closer look at the critters and spaceships...

And.. an even closer look at Mum's handiwork with the needle...
Using Blanket Stitch around all of the individual Applique pieces and a straight running stitch around the spaceship and star to create a sense of movement.
I think she was very proud of her first quilting effort and I was very proud of her for giving it a go in the first place.

And the best thing was that Grandchild #15 Loved it!
And that makes it all worthwhile...


  1. Hello from a fello ISE8er,I love that quilt and have the pattern ,never got around to making it as I would have had to make two!!You did a great job on it though!

  2. Dear Too Little Time
    Thankyou for yout kind words i thought it was vry cute too and so did my nephew...
    Thank you for visiting...

  3. Dear Sometimes Unwilling Guru

    How are things in the West? Funnily enough that is where this quilt now resides with my young nephew south of Perth!
    Nice of you to visit and i too am enjoying being part of ISE 9. Keep on Clacking!

  4. what a great project-reminds me of when I helped my neice make a tshirt quilt! Yours is quite snazzy!