Thursday, December 2, 2010

Magpie Tale #43

It Begins...

Cold chills stone with lowering degrees
Ice creeps silently into mortar making it her glassy home
Snow settles inconsiderately on unsuspecting roof. Interloping and burdensome.
Wind blusters southward in her seasonal dispatch, happy to serve cold
Steps disappear shivering under layers of hardening white nuisance
Winter settles smugly, surveying her frosted realm


  1. Ah, that smug Winter. I love her. Beautiful piece.

    (btw, Steve, I corrected your link in Mr. Linky. For some reason, it likes to save your previous link, so you have to clear it each time before you add the new one.) :)

  2. Very well written! I can feel the cold and bitterness. You make me want to turn up the heat. As I write, it's snowing quite vigorously outside, and already I'm longing for spring!


  3. Classic way of telling how great it's going to be. Winter is to be welcomed for another round. Beautiful take!

  4. Brrrrrrrr great poem especially the lines:

    Cold chills stone with lowering degrees
    Ice creeps silently into mortar

    Chillingly good!

  5. Loved your imagery! 'A 'hard nuisance' indeed. I remember it well as I drift into summer!

  6. Winter, for all its first beauty, delivers cold without color! Love this.

  7. "making it her glassy home"...very nice image and so true...blessings...bkm

  8. 'hardening white nuisance' - the difference of looking at snow as an adult rather than a kid.
    Nice Magpie :)

  9. You have made 'embracing winter' easier for me this year ......

  10. Just went to get my mittens..I feel this!!

  11. Winter is all too "happy to serve cold" I love that line.

  12. winter in all its glory told

  13. like the others, this one's got me grabbing my throw. But you know, when old dame winter turns us cold we just gotta turn up the heat :)

  14. Hi Tess
    thank you and thanks for fixing mr linky.
    I think the problem is that I posted a comment before clicking the linky button. Sorry.

    Hi Rick

    Chilled me to the bone just writing it and it's summer here... Keep warm!

  15. Hi Kaykuala
    Thankyou, and yes it is all part of the seasonality of life...

  16. Hello to all of you that have visited this week.
    I really do appreciate your comments. They give me the encouragement to continue.
    I've had a very busy week and had itended to respond individually to all. However, forgive me as my bed is calling at this hour of the morning.
    Once again thankyou and i'll look forward to doing the rounds again next Magpie...

  17. Creeping silently into the mortar... and our bones...

  18. winter IS an exceedingly smug season...

    really lovely!

  19. Dear Stitch n Steve: Lovely poem! Pore me a cold one! Excellent poem!

  20. By these lines I would say that you are not a fan of old man winter. Be careful or he will set you a trap on those icy steps to trip you up! :)
    Nice take on the Magpie