Sunday, December 5, 2010

A new handbag...

This is the latest handbag I've been making

It is in a shiny grey fabric that changes tone with the light

It is all fully lined with a contrasting satin print

And a pocket section... The handles have been lengthened so that the bag will sit snugly between the hip and elbow.

It has a magnetic clasp with a little extra "Bling" in black on the tab.

It is to be a gift for a friend of my Mum's  who is having a birthday...
She is a lady that has a lot of silver and black in her wardrobe so I think that  this sold be a very fitting addition...

I  hope she likes it


  1. oooh, how could she not?


  2. Thank you Mel

    I have an update. She absolutely loved the bag. It was a great success..