Sunday, November 28, 2010

Magpie Tale # 20

The tale of the toothbrush

"Grab another toothbrush and come help me with this grout
If we work 'em both together then the stains they will come out
And your father well he'll never know how bad I tipped the paint
Took him years to get to groutin' quite the craftsman... well he aint"

"Well the argments I had with him to get this tiling done
All the carping and the sniping hell it wern't a lot of fun
But your Old Ma here... she has her ways... of getting him to do.
Though the last time I employed them... well..we ended up with you!"

"Funny how time passes... you forget the little things
Holdin hands and walking in the park... and sitting on the swings
Oh your Pa, he charmed me silly with his funny little ways
Oh heck there's so much water passed ... since we had them salad days"

"That's right just scrub it up and down and wipe it with the cloth
With a little bit of elbow grease... the paint... she will come off
And your Pa well he'll be drunk.. again... from pub when he gets in
And if I don't have his dinner set... you know he'll make a din"

"Now you keep scrubbin there me love... just like your Old Ma showed
Your a good help to your mother.. oh my goodness how you've growed
And your Pa, he'll hardly notice when he comes in through the door
That both of us spent half the day... with toothbrush on the floor"...

I'm slowly working my way through older Magpie Tale Prompts and posting them here on my blog.
Please feel free to check them out and offer your feedback, because as a "newbie" to writing Poetry I appreciate any feedback or tips that you might offer.
Thank you again Steve...

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