Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Potluck Poetry...Week 10

This weeks potluck theme is

Magic & Miracles, Wonder & Wizardry

Cold dark moor
Spider and Rat
Scrying over crystal ball
 Witch and Cat

Fairie lights lantern
Gnarled bough of tree
Frog chasing Goblin
By pond on knee

All wonder and magic...
Of spell being cast
Call forth the blessings...
Of ancients past

Crone and sidekick
 Swirling misted hill
 Muttered incantation
  Bend ones will

Bubbled brewing potion
 Cauldron over fire
Chanting of ingredients
 Flame grow higher

Eye of newt
 Slime of snail
Festering fungi
Earwig tail

Fang of snake
Wing of bat
Fruit of nightshade
Powdered Gnat

Stir counter clockwise
Stir by three
Spirits whisper wisely
Come now to me

Mystical imaginings
Fortunes told
Cross my palm my pretty
For just a  piece of gold

This is my entry for Potluck Poetry week 10


  1. Awesome!!! I love it...your word choice is fantastic...cauldrons are boiling all around me and things seem to slither and shift in shadows

    "scrying" what a word!

    nice to connect with you here at JP potluck!

    here is my potluck dish


  2. Agree with Annie, it's nicely written. Very occult... to mention Harry Potter would be demeaning because the quality of your actual poetry, when I look with an aesthetic eye at the words and their juxtaposition, is high. Who cares what the theme is


    Luke @ WordSalad

    (mine are here-

  3. wohoohoo- scary and occultic.. but a nice write! :)

  4. what a stunning entry,
    Thanks for linking up with potluck poetry today...

    Happy Thanksgiving!

  5. Tight, taut stanzas just add a beautiful touch to this poem. I loved it!

  6. Dear Annie
    thanks for clling by...
    This is my first Potluck...

    Dear Luke
    Thank you for your very kind apraisal...
    I'm new to this writing without any formal training. I just write what comes into my head.
    Your comments meat a lot... I guess i'm on a fast learning curve....

    Dear fiveloaf
    Thank you. The theme just had that sort of a feel to it for me...

    Jingle Poetry
    Thank you for the opportunity...

    Dear Kath
    Glad you liked this . And i will get around to visiting you quilting blog thanks for the link...

    Dear Talon
    I'm very new to this poetry writing stuff, thankyou for your comments.