Saturday, November 27, 2010

Magpie Tale #28

Ah to feel 'ot water it really is a treat
Makes ya feel just like a lady, laying back to soak ya feet
What things I can get up to, while the Mistress is away
And though she's such a pussycat,  mice still come out to play..

So of'en I have dreamed about, while laying on me bed
That I could play the Mistress... be all lah de dah instead..
All them laces and them petticoats the powders an' perfumes
  'er pretty frocks and bonnets worn... in fancy halls and rooms.

 I'd 'ave such a grand old time, I would be "Lady" Geraldine...
To all the lords an gentry... likes of me they never seen
I'd be 'oldin out me hand...  to wait for all of 'em to kiss
 Then 'ead for all the feast an drinkin... Oh 'ow it would be bliss

But the likes of me a lady... well that just aint gonna be
No...I laughs meselve's just thinkin... till I nearly has to pee
Well this water's gone all cold now and a chill's come in room
And the Misstress will be 'ome soon... and I'm wrinkled as a prune.

Now I best be gettin back to playin, just plain old Geraldine
I am the Mistress' chambermaid... to be spoken at not seen...
But I does enjoy me sneaky times of dreamin in ers' bath
"Lady Geraldine" Gawd 'elp me... Don't make me ruddy laugh.

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