Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Magpie Tale#17

All the worlds a stage...

Project! Project! Miss Dunlop
Oh It's really Quite absurd
How you've set your mind on Broadway
Though your voice, it can't be heared!

They must hear it in the Gods my dear 
And carry to the stalls
If only you'd project my dear
Your voice could rattle walls

Although it's quite appealing
 But too quiet I'm afraid
For a mouse with lofty longings
Well, your plans will be waylayed

And although you crave the limelight
I do fear it must be said...
Miss Dunlop learn projection dear
Else all fame's in your head.. 

I'm just working my way at random through some of the Past Prompts from
Magpie Tales...

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Best Regards Steve

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